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juni 2018

Time flies – Be the pilot

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Time: the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.

Where does time go? The last blog post I wrote was about 8 months ago, luckily no one held their breath. Since then there’s been a few minor life changes. Jeanette giving birth is probably up there on the list. I also got a new strap on one of my watches so that’s pretty cool too. All jokes aside its been some of the funniest months since welcoming ‘not-so-little’ Billie-Mai into the world. People say you learn a lot about your partner when you first move in together, these people are liars. You learn the most about each other when your baby is butt naked shitting feaces 3 meters from across the room and your dodging out the way. Or when you you’ve just put on a fresh looking outfit to have spew (not your own) falling from your chin onto it in all its milky goodness. You just have to look at one another and smile. Both of our families have told us time and time again that ‘time’ goes quick. Almost as quickly as that poop or sick comes out. Blink and you’ll miss it.

Teething already, 5 months old – Is that normal?

If you’ve ever seen the viral video sensation that was ‘Charlie Bit my Finger’ then you’ll understand how it was when I found that BM had her first teeth starting to come through. She was giving my finger a friendly little nibble on the play matt when all of a sudden, she bloody bit me with her little fangs. It was a eureka moment. Jeanette came running in to me screaming that Billie bit me, not long passed till we had our hands in her mouth searching for these little nippers. Only a few days has passed since then and the chompers are already starting to show.

We have been blessed with a baby that has a hard time frowning and an even harder time sitting still. Yes, there has been some struggles that Jeanette and I have had along the way, but one look at our little girls eyes, one laugh from her sweet little mouth, makes us look forward to the next rest of our lives with BM.

12. juni 2018